Dedicated To The Memory of Mother Teresa
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      VERSE 1:
      If I could be like her. I'd like to try to be like her.
      To touch a face, share a smile, make a weary heart laugh.
      VERSE 2:
      If I could be like her. Bring hope where there's despair.
      Change fear to joy or wipe away a tear from someone's eye.
      If I could be like her. 
      In humans lie great riches. She saw that in you and me.
      She knew that love gives life meaning, and it was love that warmed her endless energy.
      Patient, kind, strong in truth.
      VERSE 3:
      If I could be like her. I've got to try to be like her.
      Spreading joy not sadness. Making sense of all this madness.
      Brave to lead instead of follow someone else's lies.
      VERSE 4:
      You know that you could be like her. She's right there in your heart.
      Just set aside your ego. That is how to start.
      Next let go of worldly things and let love lead the way.
      VERSE 5:
      Together we could be like her. We could learn her gentle ways.
      For there's magic in believing. It's giving not receiving.
      One by one transforming lonely hearts into gold.
      Woman, man or child or maybe one who's very old.
      I could be like her.
      I've got to try to be like her.
      I vow to be like her.
Written by
Patty Waszak
Copyright 1998

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